Pre-heated fermented wash will be fed to Degasifying column. Fermented wash is stripped off alcohol by ascending vapours in Analyser column. Rectifier vapours provide energy to Analyser column through a Thermo syphon re-boiler.

Vapours of Degasifying column are condensed and taken to Recovery Feed Tank. Analyser vapours are condensed in the Falling Film Evaporators in the Integrated Evaporation Section. The condensed Analyser vapours are taken to Pre-Rectifier Feed Tank. Analyser Condensate is concentrated in Pre-Rectifier column, which operates under-pressure.

Condensing steam provides energy to pre-rectifier column through a vertical Thermo syphon re-boiler. A Technical Alcohol cut of about 1-2% of total spirit is taken from the Pre-Rectifier column. Concentrated alcohol draw from Pre-Rectifier column is fed to Extractive distillation column for purification. Dilution water in the ratio of 1:9 is added in this column for concentrating higher alcohol at the top.

Top of this column is condensed in its condensers and fed to recovery feed tank while bottoms are fed to Rectifier cum Exhaust Column for concentration. Rectifier Column operates under pressure and condensing steam provides energy to this column through a vertical Thermo syphon re-boiler. Technical Alcohol cut is taken out from the top.



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