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PARSHOTAM SINGH & SONS is a recognized leader in providing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of industries including Distilleries, Breweries, Chemical Plants, Malt spirit plants, Wash and Spirit pot stills, Pharmaceutical and Food processing equipment, Bottling plants, and Allied machinery – all under one roof. With a rich legacy spanning 35 years, We have established a solid reputation for providing high-quality products and services. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations. Choose PSS DISTILLATION for unparalleled expertise and one-stop solutions.

We have over 35 years
experience in the industry.

“Parshotam Singh and Sons” has been a successful family business going into its third generation. We have operated continuously since the early 1980’s. Throughout its history, our company has been shaped by dramatic events: Prohibition and its subsequent repeal; natural disasters; rising technology; and the emergence and growth of new industries.

Lt. S. Parshotam Singh Malhotra


S. Gurmeet Singh Malhotra


For us, change has always been a positive factor. Yet, the principles upon which “Parshotam” was founded – uncompromising quality and superior service – remain constant. A commitment to excellent customer service and the unique abilities of expert craftsmen still drive our company’s success and always will. Our manufacturing procedures will remain practical and innovative as the 21st century’s sunrise. We will keep expanding our horizons. That makes good business sense. But our commitment to quality and service will never change.

S. Gurmeet Singh’s journey, since 1992, from a small-scale entrepreneur to a large-scale businessman was marked by periods of tremendous difficulty and obstacles, to which he responded with the utmost integrity  and endurance, making him not just a successful businessperson but also a devoted family man. All of this may be attributed to his unwavering faith in “Karma” and himself, which he is determined to keep abreast for the rest of his business career.



With each successive generation of Parshotam Singh Malhotra, under the current management under sons, Gurmeet Singh Malhotra and Jaspal Singh Malhotra, and grandson, Harjeet Singh Malhotra, “Parshotam” has prospered. 

The company’s  success lies in its continuing efforts to carry out the founder’s philosophy —”always provide high-quality products on time and at a reasonable cost.” Honesty prospers in every condition of life. A third generation of Parshotam Singh is being trained to carry on the family tradition.

We have complete in-house machinery in our state-of-the-art production facility. A modern plant with QA equipment at every stage of the production line to assure product quality and uniformity. 

Each process is executed by fully skilled technicians. A self-sufficient R & D facility with a tool room is set–up to facilitate the development of newer products as per customers’ specific requirements.



What is special about
PSS Distillation?

We Are Able To Guarantee A Very High Level Of Satisfaction For Our Clients. We Offer The Cleanest Line Of Services.

1. Quality is Never Hampered with us in any scenario

Being in the competition from 1982 and excelling since then- We have learned the quality assurance is something that keeps the client satisfied and loyal.

There is honestly no replacement of quality when it comes to industrial equipment.

We ensure the highest possible quality by applying all the rigorous quality checks in terms of longevity, strength, maintenance, and overall performance of the equipment.

Each and every step is taken properly and all the necessary procedures all followed before handing over the product to the customer.

2. High-End Infrastructure that facilitates the Manufacturing Process of Industrial Equipment

PSS Distillation believes in providing a phenomenal outcome with the finest quality raw material.

To enable such a quality, top-notch infrastructure is required and our space is well-equipped with all the modern tools & installations to serve this purpose.There are several units and all the processes are carried out in the sequence without any chaos. Starting from manufacturing to the marketing of the equipment- we have separate units for each work.

We make sure to regularly take maintenance steps and always keep updating the units of machinery for an entirely advanced infrastructure.

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