Alcohol production in the country has been lagging behind around 1500-
1700million liters per annum. Ethyl Alcohol, Alcohol, Ethanol, Spirit,
Denatured Spirit etc, these are various descriptions for this agriculture-based
product. It is a globally traded commodity, and finds its way in pharmaceutical
and chemical industries, across the world.
The molasses based alcohol was largely used for potable & industrial purpose in
the past. Hence there was always surplus alcohol available in the market. The
use of agro-based alcohol for manufacture of Industrial Chemicals and Fuel.

Ethanol depends upon the crude oil prices. The recent trend of increase in the
crude oil prices shows possibilities of greater use of agro based alcohol for
various applications. This clearly indicates that all over the globe there will be
tremendous demand for agro-based alcohol for industrial as well fuel purpose.
The company proposes to manufacture ENA from grains like Broken Rice,
Millete, Sorghum & Maize etc which is primarily used for manufacture of IMFL.



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