Since its inception in 1994, Parshotam Singh And Son’s brewery division has been offering customized plants, equipment & technology solutions to customers in the brewing industry,
Parshotam Singh And Sons supplies world class brewery plants capable of producing the best quality beers at the most optimum cost. The breweries are environment friendly, utilizing minimum water, energy and generating a low carbon footprint. With over 70% of market share in India and experience of installing projects in Africa and South East Asia, Parshotam Singh And Sons offers a complete range of solutions in conceptualization, technology, design, plant engineering, project installation and commissioning.

The key to flavorful beer lies in the perfect harmony of all the systems in a brewery, and Parshotam Singh And Sons offers the latest technologies and solutions in wort production, fermentation and filtration. Whether a greenfield or brownfield project, Parshotam Singh And Sons offers seamless integration of engineering and technology services. A long standing association with technology partners Bucher-Filtrox and Meura further strengthens our credentials of being a reliable partner.



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