Beer with a twist: BEOR360 bets on chamomile and Himalayan spring water to build a Rs 6 Cr business

Beer has become the go-to drink for urban India. Today, the Indian beer market has evolved from the usual lagers and stouts as customers seek to explore new variants and flavours.

Today, traditional beer is combined with flavours and aromas of lemongrass, citrus, and even coffee to please the crowd. With this trend in mind, Delhi-based beer startup BEOR360 is betting on chamomile and Himalayan spring water to create unique blends. “We wanted to give a distinct aroma and smoothness to the beer and adding this special herb (chamomile) made a big difference,” says Founder Rishabh Ranjan.

BEOR360 offers two variants — wheat and lager Unique blends BEOR360 is an artisanal craft beer brand which uses the pristine Himalayan spring water and all-natural ingredients of Bhutan. Founded in July 2020 by Rishabh and his cousin Amit Tiwari, it manufactures its beer in small batches. “We are experimental in our approach to beer making while still being true to our craft,” Rishabh says. At present, BEOR360 offers two variants of beer — wheat and lager.

Its craft wheat comes with a blend of chamomile. “It is a beer to sit back with, sip, and enjoy. The chamomile soothes one’s senses and its calmness helps find the balance within,” Rishabh explains. The craft wheat has a right mix of barley malt, wheat, and hops that allow the chamomile to emerge from the hazy, unfiltered brew. “A swirl towards the end of the pint while pouring the BEOR360 craft wheat into the glass will help you savour the flavour,” he adds.

On the other hand, the lager is soothing and refreshing with a unique ingredient — Himalayan spring water. Sign up for our exclusive newsletters. Subscribe to check out our popular newsletters. Available at more than 150 locations in bars, restaurants, and liquor outlets across Delhi-NCR, BEOR360 beers are priced at Rs 120 for a 330 ml bottle.

The beer is available in restaurants like Cafe Delhi Heights and Tonino, and in hotels like Hyatt, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, and The Roseate, among others. It is also available in Delhi Golf Club and Niti Bagh Lawyers Club. “We plan to expand in other parts of the country — Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, and Mumbai by this year,” Rishabh shares.

Beer with a twist: BEOR360 bets on chamomile and Himalayan spring water to build a Rs 6 Cr business

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